Lucy Baney, CEO at Access Technologies Group, inc.
Lucy Baney is the President and CEO of Access Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG), a provider of workforce development solutions that teach soft skills and employability skills using web-based solutions. Her technical career included jobs as a systems programmer, an application programmer and a systems engineer. She moved into sales with IBM becoming a sales manager and a branch manager. She ultimately served as an assistant to the chairman and CEO before becoming an executive in product development and marketing. After 19 years with IBM, Lucy left to pursue an entrepreneurial path founding ATG as an Internet application development company focusing on the development of soft skills e-learning courseware, simulations, and authoring tools targeted to workforce development. Her most recent venture with e-learning, includes developing a derivative of her patented Simentor® product which will enable disadvantaged people to learn appropriate social interactions (soft skills) that will help them get and retain jobs.

image of brian cunningham
 Brian Cunningham, PresidentJ Strategies
Brian Cunningham is an accomplished senior executive and strategist with a broad range of domestic and global experience.  Operating his own consultancy, Mr. Cunningham provides strategic consulting, international market development, capital fundraising, business incubation, and government relations. He has experience across multiple vertical industries, including but not limited to technology, government, education, hospitality (Cruise/Hotel), and insurance.International economic/workforce development strategies pioneered by Brian, led to the creation and operation of new operating companies and the development of new tourist destinations.

image of steve wright
Steve Wright, Statewide Director & Sector Navigator, Information Communications Technologies and Digital Media Workforce and Economic Development, CA Community Colleges
According to Steve the need to improve the CA Community College student success in achieving jobs in the Information Communication Technologies and Digital Media sector of the CA economy, requires an effective strategy and collaboration with private industry, educational institutions, faculty and other workforce entities. As part of a statewide program this new position will lead the effort to identify and seize opportunities that will benefit business and all levels of students.