Start Something Today Challenge Announced and SkillsUSA Kick Off Student Entrepreneur Competition “Start Something Today”

Thousands of students are expected to participate in a student entrepreneurship “Start Something Today” competition launched by Bill Cullifer, founder of, and Tim Lawrence, executive director of SkillsUSA.

The competition will provide students with an award-winning start to launching a business idea, plan and pitch to business and industry professionals and win recognition and prizes. is one of the world’s leading associations for Web professionals and SkillsUSA is a 48 year-old career and technical student organization (CTSO) that has over 300,000 members in the U.S. and has served over 11 million since our founded in 1965. The two organizations are teaming up to produce the first “Start Something Today” challenge, which will be conducted completely over the Web and will be announced at the June 2013 National Leadership and Skills Competition conference sponsored by SkillsUSA.

The challenge is designed to inspire student entrepreneurs to actualize their business initiatives while sparking business creation and workforce development. The challenge will empower and equip students in career pathways ranging from healthcare, energy, information technology art and design, construction, retail, green, financial and professional services and social entrepreneurs with the proper technology tools, resources and strategies needed to produce a successful business.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of entrepreneurship training, business plan development and training, public speaking and communications training and information technology including Web design and development and social media training and development.

“It is mission-critical to the U.S. economy, jobs and prosperity that we promote and support entrepreneurs and tech-savvy workers across all sectors of the economy,” said
Bill Cullifer, executive director. “We need to inspire and provide the most students with the tools to succeed. The Start Something Today competition is consistent with our efforts to change the dialogue of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) to be more inclusive of the Arts, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or (STEAMIE). We need STEM for sure but its Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will turn our economy around and create the most jobs said Cullifer. We’re delighted to be spearheading the Start Something Today challenge in partnership with SkillsUSA as well as with business and industry.”

“SkillsUSA serves great students with amazing technical and leadership skills,” said Tim Lawrence. “These skills lend themselves perfectly to entrepreneurship and many SkillsUSA students rise to the challenge of becoming entrepreneurs. We are excited about the Start Something Today initiative and I am confident that it will provide even more of our students an opportunity to explore the best possibilities and many ways they can capitalize on their skills and expertise.”

Start Something Today Challenge Details
The Start Something Today challenge is open to current student entrepreneurs, regardless of where they are in their education and career journeys, to grow in a more sustainable way free of charge.

Students and the teachers that participate will receive FREE entrepreneurship training; free business plan development training; and, website design and development training and support including website hosting. Students will be responsible for writing their own business plans and pitching their businesses with a 3-5 minute video.

Recognition will be awarded to the first- and second-place winners in each category. Winners will receive free website support to market their business plan and or products and services, website hosting for one year and will have their pitch introduced to potential investors.

About is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites. provides education as well as certification, technical, employment and member advantage services to thousands of aspiring and practicing web professionals worldwide. Key education initiatives include promoting Career Technical Education and Science Technology Engineering, Arts, Math Innovation and Entrepreneurship (STEAMIE) via it’s websites via and the For more information, go to

About SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA helps students discover and grow their career passions. As a nationwide partnership of students, instructors and industry working together, SkillsUSA works to ensure America has a skilled workforce. It helps every student excel. The nationwide career and technical education student organization annually serves more than 300,000 high school, college and postsecondary students—and their instructors—in technical, skilled, and service occupation instructional programs. Career and technical education is learning that works for America. SkillsUSA has the active support of more than 1,100 corporations, trade associations, business and labor unions at the national level. Over 11 million people have been annual members of SkillsUSA since its founding as the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America in on May 8, 1965. SkillsUSA programs teach leadership, citizenship and character development to complement technical skill training. The organization emphasizes respect for the dignity of work, ethics, workmanship, scholarship and safety. For more information, go to

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